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Bi giờ là 8:45pm, Monday 05/06/06... Tui vừa mới cùng gia-đình ăn cơm tối xong, và cũng vừa viết 1 cái email cho LChâu thăm hỏi việc Bác Trai bị mổ.... Hy vọng rằng, tui sẽ nhận được email reply của LChâu very soon....

Cái internet của nhà tui được fixed xong hôm nay, lý do rất là đơn giản, vì tui quên trả tiền lease cái internet line cho 2 tháng vừa qua - lu bu quá, hơn nữa họ không liên-lạc được với tui (vì tui quên cho họ số phone ở shop), nên họ ceased cái connection - tui chửi trong bụng, chỉ có $52.00 mà làm gì dữ dzậy??????

Trước khi tui viết tiếp tục, tui sực nhớ ra rằng, ngày mai là ngày có cái số thứ tự là 06/06/06.... và nếu dựa theo sự suy diễn trong cuốn Reader's Digest tháng rồi, thì chúng ta có thể suy diễn ra được rằng... some time tomorrow... chúng ta sẽ có cái giờ đồng hồ và số ngày như sau:

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(N.B: sẽ có một cái vào sáng sớm, và một cái vào buổi chiều phải không các bạn?)

Tui vừa tranh luận với thằng con út của tui, và kết quả nó nói đúng thật... vì nếu các bạn vào internet Google search "666"... nó sẽ cho các bạn biết là số "666" là số phone của evil... (don't be scare).... các bạn tin có ma/quỷ hay không?... còn tui thì không bao giờ tin cái vụ "lẩm cẩm" nầy... chẳng qua, thấy nó ngồ ngộ, và viết xuống cho các bạn cho vui.....

Nhưng ngày mai, rạp hát ở Úc sẽ release cuộn phim tên là "The Omen 06/06/06", và tui sẽ đi xem nó vào tối mai... đây là chuyện lạ lùng và ít khi xảy ra, vì thông thường rạp hát trên nước Úc chỉ release phim vào sáng ngày Thursday mỗi tuần mà thui..... Anyway, tui quyết định sẽ đi xem nó, vì tui thích những phim ghê rợn, gay cấn, làm mình giật mình, hồi hộp.....

Bây giờ trở lại với các bạn....

Sáng nay, tui có liên lạc với TThủy via text message, để hỏi thăm.... và TThủy cho tui hay là chiều ngày mai (Tuesday), TThủy sẽ trở về lại Sàigòn và sẽ ở cho đến Sunday mới trở về lại Phú-Yên, nhân dịp đứa con trai của TThủy từ Singapore trở về thăm nhà 2 tuần....

Mãi tới hôm nay, tui cũng không nhận được info của NDuyên, của Đại-Tướng... các bạn có biết mí bạn nầy OK hay không?

Cái email đầu tuần rồi, khi tui viết cho các bạn, tui có mentioned cho các bạn hay là, cuốn Reader's Digest tháng June, có nhiều tiết mục rất là hay, và bi giờ tui dành ít thì giờ copy xuống cho các bạn read cho vui nhà vui cửa nhe....


Stage 1 is "THE HONERMOON PERIOD", during which the average woman drops about 3.9KG to impress her new man. Then comes "THE COMFY ZONE", where takeaways and nights snuggled up on the couch encourage a weight gain of 5KG. Most women will lose about 4.1KG for "THE BIG DAY", with one in 20 women shedding more than 12KG for their wedding. But the weight bounces back in stage 4 - "THE BABY BOOM" - when women put on about 7.2KG. Stage 5 is "THE REINVENTION", when the children are older and midlife makeover gets women going to the gym or dieting, causing them to lose more than 7KG....


As a naturalist specialising in invertebrates, I am in intimate terms with spiders. But when after accidentally walking into a spider's web I say, "Sorry, spider," my apology is not for the spider's sake . Not being some sort of anthropomorphic idiot, I know very well that the spider has no idea of what I am, let alone what I am saying. I do it for myself, out of a habit that I believe to be good.

An act of courtesy has doubl benefits. It elevates both the giver and the recipient. There is a story of a gentlement walking through Victotian London with a companion, when a shaddy old woman passes them. The gentlement bows and raises his hat to her. The companion asks, "Why did you raise your hat to that old woman? She was no lady?" The reply, "I raised my hat not because she is a lady, but because I am a gentlement."

That says it all.

(Densey Clyne, NSW)


It seems the age-old advice to simply forget all your troubles before going to bed could be missing the mark. An Australian study has found that attempting ti banish unwanted thoughs, such as money or relationship problems, actually leads to more dreams or nightmares. Psychologist from the University of NSW asked 100 students to identify an unwanted though that regularly intrudes into their mind. Half of the group were instructed to suppress it five minutes prior to sleeping. Analysis of their dream diaries on walking showed that this group reported more dreams featuring the nominated though than those who did not suppress it. So next time, perhaps it's time to embrace those worries, not fight them.


Capsaisin, the stuff in chillies that makes them hot, could be a new weapon in the fight against cancer. US and Japanese researchers have found capsaicin can cause prostate cancer cells to undergo apoptosis or cell suicide. They fed a group of mice in a dose of the extract and found it caused appotosis in 80% of the prostate cancer cells. What's more, the prostate tumours in mice fed capsaicin were about one-fifth the size of those in the untreated mice. The dose is equivalent to a human eating 400mg of capsaicin three times a week - or about three to eight fresh ultra-hot habanero peppers. While it may be good excuse for those like chilli to eat even more of it, experts don't yet know how the results will translate to human tumours.


If you're not feeling 100%, maybe it's because you're not eating all the right food you need for a health diet.

Stress, certain lifestyle choices and overindulgence could also mean you haven't been taking as good care of your health as you should. Even taking certain medications can have an inpact on the nutrient levels in your body.

The reality of modern lifestyles, with missed meals, over-reliance on fast food, or fresh fruit and vegetables not being eaten, is that people do not receive all the essential vitamins and minerals their body requires every day.

Vitamins and minerals are subtances that play an essential role in regulating the functions of the cells in the body. Most have to be ingested because the body cannot produce them. They are essential for a number of reasons. For examples:

  1. B GROUP VITAMINS help regulate your metabolism and convert food to energy. They are stored in small amounts in the body and any excess is usually quickly excreted.

  2. ANTIOXIDANTS are essential for fighting damaging "free radicals" that are produced in the body through everyday factors such as stress, pollution, smoking and alcohol.

  3. CALCIUM and VITAMIN D are vital for good bone health.

  4. IRON helps maintain normal blood. Unlocking energy and maintaining health are important to help you get more out of your day. Taking a multivitamin daily, such as Centrum, may be just the thing to help ensure you are getting the essential nutrients to assist in maintaining your overall health


Answer: Start with abowl of homemade chicken soup. Research has yet to show how it works (and how Mum knew about it), but a nutrient-rich diet does build up your immune system and it fights inflammation. If it's winter round your way, stock up on these healing foods:

  1. ORANG JUICE: Vitamin C may shorten the duration of your cold, helping you get back on your feet.

  2. OATMEAL, BABANAS, FISH, CHICKEN, TURKEY: They help maintain the health of organs that make infection-fighting white blood cells.

  3. APPLES, CRANBERRIES, TOMATO SAUCE: These contain flavonoids, anti-inflammatory subtances that can strengthen your immune system.

    (DR Mehmet Oz and DR Michael Roizen, author of the bestseller book, "YOU: The Ownner's Manual")

and the last one....


YES, The vaccine works. It can - and does - prevent illness. Maybe you heard about recent studies that found the vaccine isn't effective, or that the virus becoming resistant, but the same research found that, in some cases, the vaccine lowered rates, of pneumonia and hospittalisation due to the flu, says Dr Neil Schachter, author of "THE GOOD DOCTOR'S GUIDE TO COLDS & FLU". It's most iportant for health-care workers and those at high risk (pregnant women, the elderly and anyone with chronic medical conditions) to get vaccinated. In fact, the government provides the vacine free for all Australian over the age of 65.

Will the vaccine protect against avian flu?

No-one knows for sure, say experts, but it may enhance your defences. And you won't get sick after getting the vaccine.

Regardless of what you're heard, there is absolutaly no risk of getting the flu from the standard flu vaccine, say Department of Health and Ageing officials. For more information about the flu vaccine, check out the Immunise Australia webside at

Immunise Australia

So if you haven't hat your shot, get it now. It's never too late to stay healthy.

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