Hey Châu,

Tao nhớ thằng bạn của tao tên Thành Châu chứ đâu phải Bảo Châu????? May mà mày "hiền khô queo" nên mới chỉ có Hai vợ một con phải không :-))) Thành thật chúc mừng mày nha. Biết mày thích ngồi suốt ngày gò chữ ký cho đẹp thì tao gửi ngân phiếu cho mày ký đều đều. Ngày nào tao cũng in vài chục ngàn cái ngân phiếu cho tư nhân cũng có mà chính phủ cũng có.


Thằng con tao năm nay học lớp 6. Tuần rồi cô giáo bắt phải viết một bài về mình để tự giới thiệu với các bạn cùng lớp. Tao gửi cho mày và các bạn khác đọc cho vui.





Hi! I’m going to talk about myself so whoever is reading this scrapbook will get a chance to know me better. My name is Anthony Thai and I’m 11 years old, I’ll be 12 in March. My birthday is on the 22nd day of March, in the year of the monkey, 1992. I was born in the city of Mississauga at the Mississauga Hospital. I have one dad, one mom, a whole bunch of aunts and uncles, a lot of cousins, and a pair of grandparents. I’m a hard worker, a great friend, I’m clever, a fast thinker, and a good listener. I like these five things about me because I can make new friends and solve problem easier. So, that’s all about my background.


Who Are You?

Now, I’m going to talk about my personality. When I was little, my parents thought I was shy because I would never talk. My best friend says I’m smart, lucky, funny, and cool. People called me "Antiny" and I didn’t care, now, they call me "Tiny" and I still don’t care. Before, when I was small, I thought a name was something you call someone so you know who is who, so I didn’t care, now, I guess my name’s okay. I’m not really sure what skill I’m proud of but I think it’s skateboarding or rollerblading because I can get to places faster. My biggest pet peeve is being late. If you like my personality, you will like me as a friend, if not, too bad!

What Do You Like?

After school, if I don’t have homework, I like to skateboard or watch t.v.. On weekends, I usually wake up and watch t.v., in the afternoon, I like to play with my friends or go to Iceland and skateboard. My hobbies are building and painting War Hammer, collecting Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, and collecting Tech Decks. I think my favourite possession is either my skateboard or my X-Box because I use these item more than other stuff and they’re the most expensive things I bought. That was most of the things that I like.


I think these are my attitudes, after this sentence. I admire Hudson Riley Hawk the most because he’s my age, he’s an awesome skater, and his dad is Tony Hawk! If I can meet one person in the world, it would be Eric Koston because he can teach me new tricks, then I can become a pro skateboarder faster. I would want to try bungy jumping, sky diving, and go on a trip to space. I hate being late, carrying heavy stuff for a long time, dropping things, falling, and getting sick. I would never kill someone for a million dollars. A lot of people don’t have the same attitude as me, but those were mine.

Setting Goals

Everything I want to be, and my goals, it’s all here! The thing I want to acomplish in life is becoming a pro skateboarder. The three most important rules of friendship are don’t lie, trust your friend, and keep your promise. My worst subject in grade five was music because I had to work so hard at it just to get a good mark. I would like to get an A in writing because my stories aren’t good. My best subject in grade five was math because I understood everything and got an A every term. Those were most of my goals.

My teacher and I

This is mostly about me but some of it is about my teachers. I think a teacher has to be patient, cooperative, and helpful to teach a student. I don’t think I was ever angry with a teacher. My last teacher, Ms. Henry, was the best teacher I ever had because she tought me a lot of stuff and she made learning fun! I don’t expect much from a teacher but to teach. The things a teacher expects from me are doing my homework, pay attention, and hand in my work in time. Now, since you read my scrapbook, hopefully, now, you know more about me than you did before.